Supervision Ratios

In-person programs: MIT recommends the following the supervision ratios for group programs set by the American Camp Association, which are based on the age of the children participating. 

  • 5 years & younger 1:6
  • 6–8 years 1:8
  • 9–14 years 1:10
  • 15–17 years 1:12

For classroom lectures, MIT recommends a ratio of 1:20 for middle school students and 1:25 for high school students.

MIT student-sponsored programs: In addition to meeting the ratios above, programs for minors that are run by MIT students must have at least 2 MIT students present at all times.

Residential/overnight programs: For residential programs that use MIT Housing, the supervision ratio is one staff member for every 6 participants. Minors residing in the residence halls must have completed Grade 9, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Online Programs: MIT recommends that at least two adults are online during live programs.

Minors as employees or interns: Please refer to the guidance here.

Labs/hazardous materials: When minors are working in labs or with hazardous materials, the ratio is either 1:2 or 1:3 depending on the severity of the hazard or potential injury. Please confirm the ratio with EHS staff as part of the EHS Hazard Assessment. Minors may not be given keys, card access, or punch codes to laboratories, machine shops, makerspaces, or other areas with identified EHS hazards.